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How can I be an Animator, Voiceover or Cartoonist? This must be a big question for all of you who want to work in the creative industry and who are eager to make your dream happen. All the guest lecturers who have successful careers say “Don’t give up on your dream, keep on going. Action is the only way to make it happen...” This college is for people who have a dream. Please take the first step and it will give you the power to go further and achieve your aims. Everyone is different, but sometimes you compare yourself to your friends and you may feel inferior. But this originality is what makes the difference. Please walk at your own speed and don’t give up. Follow the many graduates of the college who are showing you the way. Let’s proceed and study together, to make your dream come true! Tokyo Animation College
Tokyo Animation College
Principal AKIRA ABE
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College name
Tokyo Animation College
1-1-8 Shimoochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161-0033 Japan
+81 (0)3-5332-3056 (Main)
+81 (0)3-5332-3059
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More than 850 hours / year
Academic requirements
High school graduation
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Complete Dept. 3 years
Animation Dept. 2 years
Comic Dept. 2 years
Voiceover Dept. 2 years
CAT group
Characterisitic Ability Techniques
Cat music college,
Osaka Animation college,
Little Cat,
Cat music college high school
CAT group